ECS & Gitlab

CI / CD for ECS with gitlab pipelines

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Put host in zabbix maintenance with python

If you did not remove a node maintenance you can’t create another one with the same name, even if the first one expired. Use this script to check if there is already an existing maintenance for this node and remove it before starting a new maintenance.

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Update Dyn DNS records with python

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Set up a Mesos Cluster with Kafka Framework

Apache Mesos is an open-source cluster manager that was developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It “provides efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications, or frameworks”. The software enables resource sharing in a fine-grained manner, improving cluster utilization.

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Install python on Redhat based os without breaking yum

If you are installing Python on Amazon Linux / RHEL / Centos the wrong way you will break your YUM completely, Since it is mainly depends on the pre-installed Python version that already exists on your hos

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